UDPATE: The situation that police officers are calling bizarre began early Tuesday morning at the Meijer Store near Southport and Emerson around 2:30 a.m.

"I was just walking home. I was practically already home and he was like do you smoke weed? And I was like no," the victim told 911 dispatchers.

The 26 year-old man saif the guy then demanded money:

"He said he had a gun on his side. I don't believe he did."
The victim didn't want to take any chances, and even though he was near his apartment building, he played it safe and walked with him.

"That's crazy! He held his hand."

The victim and the suspect ended up at an ATM machine where the victim said the suspect forced him to withdraw $400.

"However, the suspect felt bad and gave the money back which is bizarre in itself," said IMPD Lt. Jeff Duhamell.

The man said what happened outside of his apartment, Meijer, and the bank lasted about 45 minutes. At some point, he told police the suspect hit him.

"He punched me but I'm fine. It's not that big of a deal."
 Police are now searching for the would-be robber.


Police in Southport are looking for an armed suspect who forced a person to withdraw cash from an ATM early Tuesday morning.

The victim told police he was walking back to his apartment around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, when a man approached him and asked if he wanted to buy some weed. After the victim said no, he said the man grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him on top of a red car parked nearby. The suspect took the victim's wallet, which contained $3.00 and the victim said the suspect was angry when he saw how little he had.

The victim said the man forced him to go to his apartment. The victim said he didn't have his keys, and the suspect told him to knock on the door. When no one answered, the suspect forced the victim to a nearby ATM at the Chase Bank at 7020 Emblem Drive. While walking towards the bank, the victim said he was punched twice in the mouth. As he tried to protect his face, he said the suspect told him he had a gun and "don't make me use it."

Then, the victim said the man asked him how much money was in his bank account. The victim told him he had $300, and he said the suspect then told him, "if you're lying I'm going to throw you in the river."

When they got to the ATM, the robber shoved the man's debit card into the machine and ordered him to check his balance. He said the robber got $400.

The incident took a strange turn after they left the ATM. The victim said the robber told him his nickname was "bee" and his real name was Doug Davis and he was 19 years old. The victim also said the suspect suddenly turned to him and said, "I feel really bad, I'm going to give you your wallet back and the $400.

The two walked back towards the victim's apartment, the robber threw him on the ground and began kicking him. The victim then said he was told "If you tell on me, I'm going to kill you and your sister. I know where you live."

The suspect left, and the victim said he stayed on the ground for another two minutes, before running home and calling 911.

IMPD officer found a black ballcap with a Chicago Black Hawks symbol on the front. The hat belonged to the victim, and police are checking it for fingerprints.