Designer drugs like bath salts and spice are just days away from becoming illegal in Indiana, but that isn't puting a stop to people abusing them.

The Indiana Poison Center reported 170 cases of bath salt overdoses early last week and by Friday that number grew to more than 240.

The drugs mimic the effects of cocaine, ecstasy and LSD, and are said to be just as addictive.

"People are dying from it,” says AHEAD Coalition Outreach Coordinator Tim Bristol, who helped spearhead an ordinance banning spice. But just months after going into effect, places like Bonkers Marathon on US-231 in Crawfordsville were still selling it.

“The police pulled out five shopping bags crammed with K2 spice packets,” says Bristol.

Many central Indiana counties have already banned spice, but FOX 59 found bath salts in several stores around Montgomery County, and it’s having devastating effects.

“Here in Montgomery County they're averaging up to 13 calls a week for the poison control center specifically on bath salts. On Tuesday night, three people one juvenile and two young adults under the age of 30 had called into the poison control center asking for help,” Bristol says.

The law, which will go into effect  July 1, makes possession of spice and bath salts a Class A Misdemeanor or a Class D felony depending on the amount.

It also outlaws making and selling the drug.