From concept to creation, a multi-million dollar baseball and softball complex called "The Farm" is scheduled to break ground in April on 70 acres near Interstate 69 in Anderson.

"I am stoked! I am totally stoked! This project got started about two years ago and I've been dreaming about this day because the main reason is right here. This is it right here," Anderson Mayor Kris Ockomon said to crowds at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino as the city unveiled blueprints for the complex Tuesday.

"Anderson needs a shot in the arm and I think this is going to be a huge shot in the arm for us. It's a world class project with world class people involved," Ockomon said.

"This is almost like bringing Florida to Anderson. Kids will get the opportunity to play baseball every single day of the year. If we build this facility and it gives one or two kids [the opportunity to] get a college scholarship and get drafted into the minor league system or big league clubs, it would be well worth the investment," Toronto Blue Jays hitter Adam Lind said. Lind was born in Muncie and graduated from Highland High School in Anderson.

The Farm will reportedly cost $6 million to build. It is expected to attract 40,000 unique visitors and 75 annual tournaments to Anderson.

City leaders said the sports complex could also generate nearly half a billion dollars in the next two decades for Anderson's economy.

"To have a project like this right in our own backyard that will not only grow players but people," professional softball pitcher Casey Clutch said. "it's just spectacular."