~January 13, 2009~

Sanjaya's memoir is coming out and Kelly Clarkson has a new hit, but all eyes are on the long-awaited American Idol Season 8. Phoenix, home of Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks, held some shining spots and some disturbing moments. Let's hop right to what was teased the most and what will be best remembered.


You've seen the commercials all week:
  • Girl with flawless tan walks into audition in bikini.
  • Simon's eyes bug.
  • Simon immediately puts her through to Hollywood, applauding her choice in outfits. (no surprise there)
The new judge's reaction, though, was a little unexpected. Kara DioGuardi showed off her singing chops (and boy, does she have them!) in trying to discredit the bikini chick and show how it should have been sung. It soon became a catfight, with said bikini chick spouting Kara's singing wasn't any better than her own. Simon and Randy agreed with swimsuit slink. The female judges did not, but still put her through.
Classic quote: "Next time, come naked!" ~Kara DioGuardi
Bottom Line: Decent audition...ugly attitude Her swimsuit and stilettos will not fly in Hollywood.


The crazies were highlighted way less this year and only a few gimmicks come to mind:
  • Bikini Chick - 'nuff said
  • Tapping Fro Dude - Guy with the wildest picked-out hair and a decent voice tap-danced as part of his audition. Dude could sing, judges couldn't get past his hair. (No Sanjaya here)
  • "X-ray" - Guy with Latin roots came into the audition bigger than life. Had a guitar with him, but didn't even use it. He might have been able to sing but he blew it with his odd, spaghetti-like moves.