~February 27, 2009~

The results are in! A comedian tanks, a teen sails through and an under the radar kind of guy became a bigger blip. Here's who made it into the second group of three...

The air is thick with anticipation as Ryan intones, "The power of the vote". 25 million people made sure their voices were heard. He then turned to Nick Mitchell and asked, "What have you done?" It was a hilarious moment. No one knows what Nick's going to do and the judges aren't really sure what to do with him either. We'll have to wait a bit to see what America thinks.

Group Sing - An Idol Staple

The twelve came together to sing before the results were announced. Ne-Yo's "Closer" was the choice this week. Not sure who's choosing the group songs but I am not into this one for the Idols. However, they sang much more cohesively as a group than last week's twelve.

Musings on the Makeover

I've decided what I don't like about this new format. There is no learning curve. Sure, it's a quick way to weed out a bunch of people. But, with the new 12 singing and only 3 going on each week, there are many good ones slipping through. Part of the appeal of American Idol is taking someone rough, but with talent and potential, and watching them blossom (or not) as they learn, experience and progress through the weeks. I realize we still have wildcards and some of the deserving ones may pop back up again. But an entire phase of American Idol is gone, to the detriment of the show and the singers.

First to Hear Their Fate

Allison Iraheta, Jesse Langston and Matt Breitzke were called up together first. I felt confident about Allison, but was disappointed because I knew that would mean that Matt was going home. Allison made it through and I was thrilled. Out of all the people to perform this week, she is the one that should have gone on, without question. Her performance woke you up and got you excited about the competition again. But I will miss Matt's soulful voice and his sweet devotion to his family. Allison performed her encore of Hearts "Alone" and again just slammed it. America definitely made the right choice.

Massive surprise of the night

Megan Corkrey, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud and Jeanine Vailes were up next. I hated the sinking feeling of Matt being in this group. But his performance last night was really bad. A momentary glimmer of hope sparked in me looking at this group because I couldn't see who besides Matt and maybe Megan would go through. A curveball was thrown when Matt and Jeanine were immediately told they were a No. But then when Kris ended up being the one to go through, it just felt completely left field. He's been flying under the radar and, even though his performance of "Man on the Mirror" was solid, it was forgettable. To his credit, he looked surprised too. I think Kris can sing but if he doesn't step up his song choice, he's in a lot of trouble. As I listened to his encore, I just ended-up shaking my head. I don't see the draw. There was no spark. I would like to know how many votes he got and how close he was to the person behind him.

Realization hits

It was when Kris was voted on that I realized Nick Mitchell was not going to make it. I knew he was a long shot, I knew it was up for grabs, but I really hoped he would move on. Simon jokingly said he was praying Nick would not make it through. Well, I'll be praying that Nick comes back as a wildcard.

Guest Appearance: Sweet girl, sub-par song

Blonde-haired and bright-eyed Brooke White came back to perform. The fifth place finalist sagely gave the advice to the new Idol hopefuls, "Don't Google your name." Then she sang the song "Hold Up My Heart" which she co-wrote. Now, I am probably not supposed to do this but I have to critique Brooke's song. The judges never negatively comment on contestants after they return - they're just always supportive (except for maybe Simon's utter shock during Fantasia's performance last year. There was no hiding the "What the heck was that?!" look.) So Brooke's song, here goes: Brooke has a nice voice and performed the song well while playing the piano. But the song itself is so boring. The chorus has no hook, it lacks singability and it's unmemorable. I want her to do well but she needs a different song to break out with.

Final Word on This Week's Last Finalist

The last five were all brought up together: Mishavonna Henson, Kai Kalama, Nick Mitchell, Adam Lambert and Jasmine Murray. Ryan quickly dismissed Mishavonna, Kai and Jasmine. Ryan announced there were three left: Nick, Norm and Adam. Everyone's been having fun with Nick's alter-ego Norm Gentle and this was another good-natured poke. Adam made it through and, out of those two, he's the right one to move on. He commanded the stage, he truly performed and his vocals were "outrageous", to quote Kara. I'm truly happy he made it. But as I said, God and I will be talking about Nick. And I am hoping this is not the last time we see him.

Idol is back to Tuesday next week for the final 12 to try and knock America's socks off. Hopefully they'll learn from Allison Iraheta this week on exactly how that's done.