Sometimes things aren't meant to be. Take Game 3 of the Eastern Conference WNBA playoffs Tuesday night at Conseco Fieldhouse. It was Indiana taking on the Atlanta Dream. The Dream have become the arch enemy for the Fever this season and now with this seventh meeting taking place it was a win or go home situation.

Maybe it was just me, but outwardly I was hoping for one more shot, one more chance at seeing this team return to the WNBA Finals. Inwardly I had a bit of doubt. The star of the team and the WNBA was coming off an injury. The team seemed a bit out of sync with this series but maybe it was because some of their flaws were exposed. There is no one area that was more pronounced than others that lead to their defeat by Atlanta but maybe the most glaring is that this team just seemed extraordinarily tired coming down the stretch. I know it's hard to field a squad when one starter has been in street clothes throughout much of the season because of injury. Then there were the late season problems with Tamika and Erin and even some inexperience coming off the bench. I won't throw the coaches under the bus as I think they did the best they could but if there is a lacking ingredient to the success of this team it is that they like their counterparts, the Indianapolis Colts, might be getting a bit old and haven't prepared for the next generation of players to come in and take up the charge.

I hope I am wrong in my assessment of this team, but as Colt President Bill Polian has said numerous times, the window of opportunity is only open for so long.

So is the window wide open or half closed or shut? No one knows for certain, but one thing is evident is that some changes need to be made to return back to the playoffs next year and to help prolong the careers of Tamika and Katie and Tammy Sutton Brown. Unfortunately this season has ended too quickly for us Fever fans. Let’s hope next season we can get'er done.