He knew exactly the importance of his appearance and the cameras that were on him.

So Reggie Wayne celebrated his first catch in a drill at Tuesday afternoon's practice with a raise of the arms, adding a tad bit of showmanship to an otherwise routine practice.

Jim Caldwell probably doesn't mind too much, he's just happy to have him back after a long absence. Since last Wednesday the All-Pro receiver has been absent from the Colts practices and Friday's game against Washington dealing with personal issues.

Wayne was back at the complex on Wednesday and on the practice field soon after but did not speak to reporters afterwords. Caldwell wouldn't say what the personal issue that kept Wayne off the field was.

Finally Getting Started

Two of the Colts biggest offseasons acquisitions haven't had a chance to prove their worth.

Tuesday was a big step towards doing that, since both took to the practice field with some participation after nagging injuries and ailments.

Anderson, who came from the Falcons, has been hampered by a hamstring throughout training camp and hasn't seen the field in either of the Colts first two preseason games. Sims meanwhile had to undergo an appendectomy early in training camp and missed the rest of the team's practices in Anderson.

Both were back on the field and running through drills on Tuesday at the team's 56th Street complex.

"It appears to," said Caldwell when asked if the two could get a chance to play against the Packers on Friday at Lucas Oil Stadium. "They're practicing, Ernie and Jamaal so they'll have an opportunity to play.

Don't Expect Dan To Be A Twitter

Don't look for the DO6 Twitter handle anytime soon.

Frankly, Dan Orlovsky just isn't into the whole scene.

"Honestly I'm not on the social network world, so I don't know much about it," said the Colts quarterback when asked about the number of tweets this week from Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Dan might want to listen, because they concerned him. Irsay expressed the team's desire to prepare for the start of the season with starter Peyton Manning and suggesting the team might need to look elsewhere for help.

Orlovsky believes, as you would expect, that he or Curtis Painter could take care of the job should Manning's neck issues continue till the September 11th.

"I'm confident in myself, I've played games in this league before," said Orlovsky.

Most of those came in 2008 with the infamous Detroit Lions, who finished the season 0-16. He started eight of those games, throwing for 1,616 yards for eight touchdowns and eight interceptions. One of those starts came against the Colts in December, when the Lions actually had the game tied in the fourth quarter before falling 31-21.

So far this preseason Orlovsky has been up an down, completing 11-of-27 passes for 178 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions.

"He was able to come in and do the basic things in our scheme pretty well and that's because he's been around," said Caldwell of Orlovsky-who was the backup the last two years in Houston. "His play has been inconsistent in that regard, but every day he's working on getting better."

A Decade Requires Change

This season will mark the tenth in the very successful career of defensive end Dwight Freeney-and when that magic number comes around sometimes training must change.

The Colts' All-Time sacks leader (90) says that he's made some changes in preseason workouts to help keep him healthy for the grind of the regular season.

"You kinda know what you have to work on, if your hamstring is a little bit weak, if something happened in the years past, you cater you training towards certain parts of your game," said Freeney of how his training has changed through his career.

While a physical challenge by nature, Freeney has also looked to make working out less of a chore mentally.

"I keep it interesting, I've got to keep changing what I'm doing, I can't just get on a treadmill and run a few miles, I'll lose my mind out of boredom," said Freeney. "But if you tell me to run up a hill or something, trick me, it's a little bit better for me."

Stat of the Week: 59

That's the number of points the Colts allowed to the Green Bay Packers in the third game of the preseason in 2010. At Lambeau Field, the horseshoes allowed 430 yards, five passing touchdowns and two other scores on special teams.