A 17-year-old special needs student says she was raped inside Perry Meridian High School in late October.

"That makes it even worse cause she, him or her is defenseless, yeah it's awful," said Casey Rhyne, a concerned mother.

The victim's mother called police Monday morning. According to a police report, the victim confided in a friend who then contacted the victim's mother.

According to a police report the victim was, "sexually attacked by another special needs student... in a break area adjacent to the school lunchroom."

Detectives are asking the school to maintain surveillance footage over the three day period between October 26th and October 29th.

"It's scary very scary because we sent our kids there all day long and we hope that they're taken care of so that's awful," said Rhyne.

Police say the special needs victim did not tell her mother about the incident because she thought she would be in trouble.

In a police report released by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, detectives say the attacker, another special needs student, "pulled her behind a brick wall area, pulled her pants down... she said no several times but he refused to stop."

The Metropolitan School District of Perry Township contacted parents via voicemail regarding the incident. 

Click here to read complete statement released by the MSD of Perry Township.

"I've heard about it from the phone call that Ms. Ellis called earlier so that's the only thing i've heard but other than that there hasn't been talk around the school about it at all," said 18 year old Jennifer Hall, who attends Perry Meridian High School.

According to Hall, "The message said that there was an alleged sexual assault against somebody here at perry but they didn't say whether it was a teacher, student, anything."

MSD of Perry Township says safety and security is the number one priority and the school is conducting an internal investigation.