Yo La Tengo is known as “the quintessential critics’ band”. Nerdy rock guys like me just love 'em. We can't get enough of 'em. What this means is that they always earn fantastic reviews, but despite over 25 years as a band, they're still somewhat underground. They can headline medium-sized clubs, but they're still an inside secret. And that's a large part of their appeal. That's their thing.

If John Cusack's elitist record-store-owning character in High Fidelity was living in New Haven right now, he'd be going to Toad's Place tonight to see them. He would put "All Your Secrets" from the band's last release Popular Songs on a mixtape for his girlfriend. (It kinda sounds like Belle & Sebastian at any rate, who had a key mention in the movie. Note that Yo La Tengo was a band already when High Fidelity was filmed, but they were even more under the radar back then.)

Here's a clip of them doing what they do on Pitchfork TV a couple years back when Popular Songs came out. I must say, it's rather badass: