The Waterbury-Oxford Airport and the businesses there are getting some sweet state support, and we can only hope that this time around there's no hint of scandal attached.

Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Monday that the airport will be designated an economic development zone, which will offer some very nice tax breaks to the businesses there.

The last governor to do some really terrific favors for outfits operating at Waterbury-Oxford was named John G. Rowland, and the free flights he got in return became a critical part of the impeachment investigation that forced him from office.

The companies involved in that part of the the Rowland scandal were Key Air Inc. and its related company, Keystone Aviation Services. The impeachment committee of the General Assembly found that Keystone got state aid and loan guaranties of close to $800,000 during the Rowland administration, and later Key Air benefited from Rowland-backed tax exemptions.

Those free flights for Rowland included at least one for a tasty Las Vegas junket.

Rowland went on to serve 10 months in federal prison for his corrupt acts, before landing his current gig as a radio talk-show jock.

Key Air and Keystone Aviation are still the big operators at Waterbury-Oxford. Presumably, they won't be providing Malloy with any free transport this time around.