Ah, ya gotta love Joe Lieberman.

Our very own "Independent Democratic" U.S. Senator goes on CNN's "Starting Point" and compares the experience of being picked as Al Gore's vice-presidential running mate in 2000 to a "hallucinatory hangover."

He was talking about how he thought Gore had picked somebody else and then woke up to find that in fact he (Lieberman) was the choice. But he may as well have been referring to one of the odder political campaigns in modern American history.

That was the bad-assed election where Gore won the popular vote, but lost Florida based on a U.S. Supreme Court 'hanging chad' ruling and Republican George W. Bush became president.

Democrats have been cursing that fateful ruling ever since, and cursing third-party candidate Ralph Nader for allegedly stealing enough votes from Gore-Lieberman to throw the election to the Republican.

What tends to be forgotten is that Gore ran a horribly flawed campaign and failed to win his home state of Tennessee. If he'd won his home state (something virtually every winning president in history managed to do), nothing else would have mattered - not Florida, not the Supreme Court, and certainly not Nader.

A few years after that odd election, Lieberman flirted with his own visions of a presidential run, at least until stone-cold reality set in. In 2008, a lot of Democrats thought they were having some sort of weird out-of-body experience when they saw Lieberman on the stage of the Republican National Convention trashing Obama in favor of his GOP buddy John McCain.

But the real hallucinatory kicker to Lieberman's CNN interview was his comment that the rise of negative campaigning and the growing importance of fundraising were the keys to his decision not to run for reelection.

Funny, it seems he somehow forgot to mention the fact that he pissed off so many Connecticut Democrats and other Connecticut voters that his chances of reelection were virtually nil.

Oh well. Everybody should be allowed their own fantasies once in a while.