An Alternate Universe?

An Alternate Universe? (June 11, 2012)

Stephen Hawkings, or as I call him, The Original Siri, recently gave an interview to the BBC. In this interview, he said that scientists should further investigate M-theory, a theory stating that the universe containing Earth is only one of many out there. M-theory is powerful not only because it allows for the existence of other universes, but also because it would essentially debunk the Big Bang Theory. A new image taken by NASA (seen above), seems to support Hawkings’ claim. The Daily Galaxy, who are much smarter than me, explain:

"Our best bet for a theory of everything is M-theory --an extension of string theory," Hawking continued. "One prediction of M-theory is that there are many different universes, with different values for the physical constants. This might explain why the physical constants we measure seem fine-tuned to the values required for life to exist."

The circular patterns within the cosmic microwave background shown above suggest that space and time did not come into being at the Big Bang but that our universe in fact continually cycles through a series of "aeons," according to University of Oxford theoretical physicist Roger Penrose, who says that data collected by NASA's WMAP satellite supports his idea of "conformal cyclic cosmology".

That expansion is now believed to be accelerating due to a scientific X factor called dark energy and is expected to result in a cold, uniform, featureless universe. Penrose, however, reports Physics World, takes issue with the inflationary picture "and in particular believes it cannot account for the very low entropy state in which the universe was believed to have been born – an extremely high degree of order that made complex matter possible. He does not believe that space and time came into existence at the moment of the Big Bang but that the Big Bang was in fact just one in a series of many, with each big bang marking the start of a new "aeon" in the history of the universe."

The other day I spoke with someone claiming to be an expert in the study of M-theory, and he seconded Hawkings’ beliefs. He explained to me the flaws in basic string theory and how an increase in coupling constant can lead to the emergence of a new universe. He told me the Big Bang Theory was a “joke,” and that humans are foolish and narcissistic to believe that they live in the center of the universe. His name was Krazy Karl. He lives in a black van over by the Convention Center. 


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