Girl in a Coma

Girl in a Coma. (Salvador Ochoa Photo / July 16, 2012)

My friend J.J. introduced me to Girl in a Coma after seeing them open for Morrissey a few years back, a fitting gig for a band named after a Smith's song. He told me it was an all-girl trio from San Antonio that played punk rock songs with melodies straight out of the '50s, and I was immediately sold. J.J. usually steers me in the right direction, and this was no exception. Front-girl Nina Diaz write the songs and sings them, and her sister Phanie plays drums. (Their friend Jenn Alva plays bass.) She joined the band when she was just 13 after demonstrating her talent for her big sis.

Exits and All the Rest is the band's 4th album, and they'll be supporting that when they come to Cafe Nine Tuesday night.

Here's a video for the song "Their Cell" from 2007. I've put on more than one mixtape for friends: