If you had to relate the One Man Band character to someone else in pop culture, who would you say he has something in common with?

[With] the whole One Man Band character, I was wanting to do it more like I'm a walking concert type instead of it being like I can play everything. I would probably put him together with someone like a party animal, a guy who wants to have a good time like Charlie Sheen or something — a wild man.

I've got a strange question for you: Where do you get your leather pants you wear nowadays? They're a great part of the character.

[Laughs] Ah, man, there's going to be more to come, too. Don't worry about it. Y'all sit back and enjoy it while we just get it made up and done.

Now, are they from a costuming department or do you have a special store where you get your leather pants?

Oh no, they made it from scratch actually — [women] named Teri, Sandra and Julie.

When you're turning up the heat on being a bad guy, is there any person you're channeling? Is there somebody you've run across that you're really trying to take the energy from and put into what you're doing?

Naw, man, I don't try to be anybody. I don't try to mimic anyone. I just try to be myself. I'm just being me out there. If I'm mad, happy, whatever the feeling I'm feeling, that's all me that you're seeing.

Do you have any strategies, theories or secrets when it comes to being a good villain because you can get the crowd to really hate you?

Honestly, no. If they say something to me, yell at me [with] “Wendy's,” “Carrot Top,” “Stupid,” whatever, I turn around and just fire it right back at 'em. I guess they're the type of people that like to run their mouth, but when [threats] get run back, they can just holler from a distance. But yeah, with me, man, I just roll off of them. You're either gonna love me or you're gonna hate me, but you're always gonna remember me. I can say that much.

Does being hated as a character ever affect you as a person? It's one thing to do this once in a while, but you're going around getting booed every night. Has someone ever said something that's gotten through to you?

No, not really. I'm guessing there's a few things they could probably say. Twitter is the worst, actually. They can just talk behind their keyboards, but then again, [with] some things that they like to say, they say it to your face and [would] have their jaw knocked off.

What's the most ridiculous thing someone's said to you on Twitter?

That they want to kill my family and stuff.

Oh goodness, that's horrible.

Exactly. You see how harsh that is? It happens, you know. I've had bottles thrown at me, wings thrown at me, all that stuff. If I'm doing that good of a job, it's all good. Whatever.

Do you see much of a future for yourself as a sympathetic character?

Ah man, I'm unpredictable. You never know. I'm just going to leave it at that: I'm unpredictable. Honestly, if it happens, I'm looking to have a good time doing it.

I want to talk about a few moments of your career in WWE. What's your most vivid memory of the Nexus invasion in 2010? If you have to think of something that really pops through for you, what is it?

That no one had a clue, and that's the truth because we didn't even know what was going on until 30 minutes before. No one had a clue. They just told us to go down there and make sure we destroy everything, so we did.