Father, Son, Holy Ghost
(True Panther)

Girls embodies many of the micro trends in the world of indie rock. There's the Phil Spector/girl-groupish vibe, with songs and recordings that seem to transform sexual yearning into a kind of transcendent devotional ecstasy all its own; both the production style and the sentiment are a throwback (see the Drums). Then there's the band-name-that-is-practically-unsearchable-by-Google element, which, I'm guessing, equates a kind of online anonymity with authenticity and a welcome escape from the trappings of rock-band posturing (see Pizza!, Tennis, and Stepdad). And then there's the frontman's backstory: he was allegedly raised in a religious cult (see Prince Rama). But none of that overshadows the way these songs spin ache, longing and emotional frailty into pop. This time the music is a shade less Wall-of-Sound and a shade more Pink Floyd The Wall, with a pervading dark, brooding edge.