Dava: Tina Durgan, Coleen Campbell and Catherine Jones. (May 7, 2012)

1) Dava Boutique

Davas owner/founder Coleen Campbell has been specializing in the one-of-a-kind for 31 years. "A lot of businesses who've been working with me for years are shutting down," she says, due to retirement and a changing marketplace. But she's always been adept at finding new sources for jewelry and gifts sought by people "looking for something you can't find anywhere else. We carry a lot of local artists. A few years ago, it became the trend that every store, including Target, had interesting gifts. So we had to do something different. A lot of people come because they want things made in Connecticut." Dava store managers Catherine Jones and Tina Durgan speak of the incredible range of items at the store, from clothing to incense to toys to "swirl underpants, available in female and male styles. There are old stand-bys that people collect: local potters, jewelers." "Things are constantly changing," Durgan says. And once those items are found, they're treasured. Each of the three women being interviewed for this Best Of blurb were wearing at least three pieces of jewelry from Dava. The interviewer was wearing four.


2100 Dixwell Ave.
(203) 230-0039

2) Wave Gallery


1046 Chapel St.
New Haven
(203) 624-3032

3) Taken For Granite


409 Leetes Island Rd
(203) 488-0557

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