Executive Cleaners

Executive Cleaners: Vahid Yazdani and Clementina Yazdani. (May 4, 2012)

1) Executive Cleaners

You spend all this money and mental energy cultivating a wardrobe that reflects your personality, it makes good sense to take care of it. That's what the staff at Executive Cleaners is focused on. They're fully automated and they've got everything computerized, with bar-code systems and high-tech garment-pressing equipment. So, everything that you want to be in the hands of a state-of-the-art machine is handled that way, but those details that you want an actual human attending to are given personal attention at Executive. "We have expertise in removing stains," says co-owner Clementina Yazdani. At the four Executive locations -- two in New Haven, one in Milford and one in Hamden -- you'll find employees who know the customers' names. And the staff will have garments at the ready when regulars drop in for a pick up. As in many fields, the level of skill is measured by the ability to replicate results. "The consistency of the cleaning is the same. Every single time that you bring in your white shirt, it's going to come out the same," says Yazdani.


375 Foxon Blvd.
New Haven
(203) 469-7599

351 Boston Post Road
(203) 877-4747

3000 Whitney Ave.
(203) 407-1001

2 Howe St.
New Haven
(203) 777-7000

2) Jet Cleaners


687 State St.
New Haven
(203) 777-0742

3) Coastal Cleaners

79 Gould Ln.
(203) 488-6433

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