Dr Aaron Gross

Dr. Aaron Gross. (May 4, 2012)

1) Dr. Aaron Gross, Whitneyville Dental

A warm, comfortable office. The latest, cutting-edge technology. Doctor-patient intimacy you won't find at a large practice. Whitneyville Dental owner Dr. Aaron Gross, who's been practicing for 11 years, says what elevates his practice is the fact that he knows pretty much every one of his 2,000-plus patients. "I'm not working for Disney corporation," Gross says. "I want to maintain the intimacy of the practice. We tend to skew a little younger, probably in the low to mid-40s as far as age goes, but we have patients that are two-and-a-half up to a hundred years old." Whitneyville prides itself on being comprehensive, from cosmetics to cleanings to necessary repairs, and they have specialists who help them out as needed. And -- get this -- it's a nice place to visit. "We have a modern open design, open floor plan, no doors, a free form space," Gross says. "It makes a difference."


1240 Whitney Ave.
(203) 287-0666


2) Dr. Summer Lerch, Center for Esthetic Dentistry LLC


2 Church St. S. #311
New Haven
(203) 624-5256

3) Dr. David Fantarella

127 Washington Ave.
North Haven
(203) 239-1155

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