Progressive Animal Wellness: Katie Janik, Lisa Trainer, Corey Shagensky, Jennifer Shagensky, Marissa Squires. (April 17, 2012)

1) Progressive Animal Wellness

Although owner and veterinarian Dr. Corey Shagensky has been in the area for several years, Avons Progressive Animal Wellness is just now celebrating its first anniversary. “Weve done a ton of community involvement events,” Shagensky said. “Weve held a number of events to benefit the community.” Like weekend pet expos, where a bunch of animal-friendly vendors pop by to interact with area animal lovers, as well as hosting a dog rescue group that brings in puppies every Saturday. “For these dozens of animals,” Shagensky says, “Im their first veterinarian. Weve seen tons and tons of those guys, and I think people see the commitment.” But people tend to pick a vet based on a level of care theyve come to expect. “We are trained to do everything,” says the vet. “We spend a lot of time on wellness care and preventative medicine. My focus is on the core of what makes our pets live healthy lives.”

70 East Main Street
(860) 325-2124

2) Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital

1260 New Britain Ave
West Hartford
(860) 561-9885

3) Avon Veterinary Clinic

328 W. Main Street, Route 44
(860) 678-1122

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