Plan B

Plan B: Sarah-Jean Duprey. (April 5, 2012)

1) Plan B

At Plan B, the secrets in the beef. They don't freeze anything. All the beef is ground fresh, on site, and its served within hours. “We have really strict standards about what we serve,” said branding director Lena DiGenti. “We only serve beef without antibiotics or hormones. People can taste that.” When you order a burger at any one of their three locations, youre basically getting your grandmothers burger, the one she used to make with the grinder in her kitchen. With all the extensive burger options at Plan B, the most popular is still the simplest. “Its the mini-burgers,” said DiGenti. “Plain burger, cheese, bun. Thats what its all about, though all the burgers sell really well.”

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138 Park Road
West Hartford
(860) 231-1199

4 Railroad St.
(860) 658-4477

120 Hebron Ave.


2) Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries

255 W. Main St.
(860) 409-9100

278 Scott Swamp Road
(860) 677-7600


3) Max Burger

124 LaSalle Road
West Hartford
(860) 232-3300 

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