Super Duper Weenie

Super Duper Weenie: Gary Zemoca. (May 15, 2012)

1) Super Duper Weenie

Gary Zemola cares about hot dogs. Like, really cares about hot dogs. He's always striving for what he calls the “best friggin' hot dog around.” And Zemola knows what he's talking about. Super Duper Weenie's hot dogs are made especially for them, with a custom blend of beef and pork that Zemola calls “a really good, solid combination.” Added to that mix is a moderate amount of seasoning, wrapped up in just the right casing: “We don't want an overpowering, over-smoked hot dog — not too much garlic, not too much salt, and a real nice snap,” Zemola says. The dogs are split, then grilled, and served in a bun from Bridgeport neighbor Shav's Bakery. Patrons can choose from Super Duper Weenie's various house-made toppings, including hot or sweet relishes, as well as chilis Texas and Cincinnati-style.

306 Black Rock Tnpk.
(203) 334-3647

2) Rawley's

1886 Post Rd.
(203) 259-9023

3) Duchess Restaurant

15 Meadow Street
(203) 723-9500

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