1) Circle Diner

The country's never-ending economic slump has hurt diners as well as five-star restaurants. Though meals at Circle Diner are always affordable, co-owner Gus Tsilfides says that patrons who might be coming in five times a weeks — an order of chicken souvlaki surrounded by sautéed peppers, tomatoes and onions calling them like a siren's song — are now only there two days a week. And they order less. “The guy who might have had coffee, juice, an omelet and a side of bacon now just has the coffee and omelet,” says Tsilfides. The nine-year-old business has responded with specials on the cheap side and “hungry man” specials where those who come to gorge can do so at one all-encompassing price (no piling on side orders). Breakfast is always popular at the Circle Diner, he adds, but lunch-and-dinner-time salads also do well. And in a few months, the place will start serving its summer specialty, broccoli in cheddar with a side of fresh fruit. We're guessing something like that would sell during the height of the Great Depression.


441 Post Rd.
(203) 255-9177

2) Andros Diner

651 Villa Ave.
(203) 384-8176

3) City Limits

135 Harvard Ave.
(203) 348-7000

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