1) Sally's Place

Sally White is much loved, nay adored, by the music-buying customers who she has served in Westport for decades. Sally's Place has been a local institution, tucked away at the end of Main Street, for 27 years. “Stores like mine are not even around any more,” says White. Her music knowledge is second-to-none and customers rave about how she's able to identify a recording from just a few hummed notes or a lyric or two. White, who originally started selling records in 1956, says she's rather mystified when she gets awards for her music store: “I do what I absolutely love doing,” she says.

190 Main St.
(203) 454-0303

2) Johnny's Records

45 Tokeneke Rd.
(203) 655-0157

3) Coconuts Music & Movies

1990 Black Rock Turnpike
(203) 333-0558

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