Occupy Wall Street: the musical pros and cons.

Occupy Wall Street: the musical pros and cons.

I love free music to listen to. Not only that, I love that there are tons of interesting people out there making choices so that I don't have to actually decide on my own. Here's the best of what's floating around right now.


Great last album tracks: there aren’t that many tracks included on this concise playlist, but that means they must be good. See: Prince, the Rolling Stones, LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead (I’m not going to give it away).


Occupy Wall Street playlists -- Pro (99% mix) and Con (1% mix): Man, not only is it exceedingly difficult to figure out what the OWS agenda is, it’s also tough to say which side has better music. Pro tease: the Who (not what you’d expect), Battles, Rage Against the Machine. Con tease: David Bowie, Kanye West, Kenny Rogers.

Batman: Arkham City -- official video game score: I haven’t played this yet, but I’ve heard some of Nick Arundel’s score. Fitting and intense.

Eurosonic Nooderslag 2012: Noiserv, Lay Low, Honey for Petzi and dozens of other great bands on the fringe, from the great European (Holland and Belgium) music showcase. A mind-blower.

Stan Getz -- the Bossa Nova albums: throw this one on when your stress level is through the ceiling tiles for a mid-day Brazilian jazz chill-out. Much needed, right?

Night Funkkkkk: just the opposite of the previous playlist, this one’s for moderate to heavy rump-shaking (or even if your rump is on the tiny side), but electro/indie-rock style (read: Aphex Twin, Fuck Buttons, Com Truise).

Jethro Tull’s Aqualung -- 40th anniversary edition: pack your bowl, shut the blinds and repeat after me: “Hey, Aqualuuunng....” Yeah, there’s much flute, but “Cross-Eyed Mary?” Killer riff, doubled on distorted organ. Lot’s of bonus tracks.

Hipster tracks: you gotta keep current on this stuff, or else risk becoming fodder for hipster irony (see previous playlist for some of that). Foster the People, Van She, Starfucker.

Ten crack commandments: can’t verify for sure, but I think most of the tracks on this hip-hop filled list reference crack in some way.

90s alternative buzz: Dinosaur Jr., Stone Temple Pilots, New Pornographers, much more. Break glass in case of Pandora going on the fritz.