We have collected an interesting mix of stories so far in the 1994 Video Vault.

Getting rejected is hard. Getting rejected by a mouse, even harder. Just ask Governor George Allen (09-24).

Quite a celebration down at Richmond's new flood wall (10-21). The City even busted out a historic triple-train crossing. So you know it was a very big deal!

The eyes of the nation were on Virginia in the Fall of 1994. The race between Chuck Robb and Oliver North for Virginia's U.S. Senate seat got ugly and expensive for the candidates. I've put several election stories on so far (11-08, 11-09) and I plan to add more as I continue going through the archive.

Other highlights include the opening of new West End nightclub, er, auto body shop Bruce's (11-09). And the debate continues of the placement of the Ashe statue (12-06).

With all the debate there was over that statue, it is hard for me to believe it is still standing at the intersection of Monument and Roseneath Road. I'm surprised it has not moved 12 times since then...