I took a bit of time off last week to enjoy the Cubs winning the NL central but now I'm back with my top 16.

1. Missouri - I think that Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin are imposing for any defense and Tigers have a good schedule.  They had a bit of a scare against Buffalo but the week off this week should get everything settled before the Nebraska game.

2. USC - Did you see them dismantle Ohio State?  Did you see the rest of the Pac-10 get dismantled by the Mountain West conference?  USC should go undefeated and win the Pac-10 but there is always the chance for the big upset after being hunted all year long.

3. Georgia - Knowshon Moreno is insane.  The formula of giving it to him then letting Matt Stafford chuck the ball deep seems to be working for the Dogs.  The SEC schedule is brutal this year and I don't think anyone will come out unscathed.

4. Oklahoma - The Sooners are rolling this year behind the arm of Sam Bradford.  This weeks game against TCU should tell a lot of things about both programs.

5. LSU - Had a huge win this week, in the first real test, against huge rival Auburn.  I am scared about the 2 quarterback system and don't think it will be able to last through the entire SEC schedule.

6. Texas - Colt McCoy looks like he is completely over his sub-par season last year.  Hopefully he is over his concussion, too.  I would be surprised if the 'Horns let him run as much as he has been this year and taking all those hits.

7. Florida - Speed, speed, speed and some more speed.  It seems like Tim Tebow has about 30 recievers going out and they all run 4.3's.  It's taking a lot of the burden (and body shots) off of the reigning Heisman winner and that should pan out in the long run this year.

8. Wisconsin - I really thought the Badgers were going to lose to Fresno State on the road.  They didn't and now they open up Little 10 play and shouldn't see too much resistance.

9. BYU - They should have lost to Washington but then they put a beat down on UCLAMax Hall is putting up some sick numbers.

10. Penn State - The fighting JoePa's havn't played anyone yet but they will get the chance this week against Illinois.  They have rolled on just about everyone they have faced and if they keep that production up they have a chance to win a weak Little 10 conference.

11. South Florida - The Bulls are as close to Jekyll and Hyde as a team can be.  One week they look good, the next they look terrible.  They seem to get caught up playing to the level of the opponent, which could be good against West Virginia but very bad against a team like Pittsbugh.

12. Texas Tech - The Red Raiders finally looked like the team they were supposed to look like.  Its a good thing they got tuned up because the Big 12 is almost as tough as the SEC this year.

13. Boise State - With all the talk about Utah, BYU, and East Carolina as BCS busters Boise kind of snuck in under the radar.  Good win against a quarterback-less Oregon team last week.  I was just thinking...isn't Ian Johnson playing for his 9th season?

14. Ohio State - Maybe this Terrelle Pryor kid is the real deal.  I don't think he would have helped against USC but he put up decent numbers against Troy.  The Buckeye's really need to get Beanie Wells back in the mix.

15. Vanderbilt - Chris Nickson has this team playing well and they are winning.  Ole Miss on the road is a good win for this program but how long are they going to be able to win in the SEC?

16. Ball State - Great win for Brady Hoke and the Cardinal against instate rival Indiana but they lost Dante Love who was leading the country in recieving.  Hopefully Nate Davis can find some new targets and quick.