Police are on the hunt for the person who stabbed and killed a University Of Connecticut football player.

Detectives say starting cornerback Jasper Howard and another student were stabbed outside a UConn sponsored dance at the Student Union Center early Sunday morning...just hours after UConn's Homecoming victory over the University Of Louisville.

The stabbing was reportedly the result of some kind of altercation.

Cops say minutes before it happened someone pulled the fire alarm in the building, forcing everybody outside.

While investigators believe pulling the alarm had nothing to do with the stabbing, they say it did create a ton of witnesses to the crime.

"There were quite a few people around, there were in excess of probably 300 people in a two block area at the time," Major Ron Blicher of UConn Police said.

The second victim has not been publicly identified, but UConn Police say he was quickly treated and released from the hospital.