When life hands you lemons, you make...electricity, that is if you were at the Sport and Medical Sciences Academy in Hartford today. It was a science fair with a bit of science flair in the Capital City, now in its 18th year the citywide competition is on. "The skills you learn in science you use in any job you can possibly do because its problem solving," said Dan Seagull, a Science Teacher at the Breakthrough Magnet School in Hartford.

This year's science fair focuses on everything from the green friendly; a water powered model car, to the Red Bull; a project that examines the effects of caffeine in energy drinks. Kim Tran, an 8th grader at Capital Prep in Hartford said of her findings "I would say you shouldn't drink energy drinks before a meet or anything, stick to the old stand by -- water." Sandra Inga, the Director of Science for Hartford Public Schools said "Our desire is that we get our students interested in science so we have more students going into science and studying science so when they grow older they'll consider science careers."

Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez also stopped by to check out the projects as they were being judged, the winners from Kindergarten through 12th Grade will be announced on May 20th.