A new marketplace for wedding vendors is filled with gowns, flowers, cakes..traditional wedding fair for the not-so traditional couple.   Robert Guarino and Ryan Mullins wedding plans are on the beach in Fairfield.

   They could do all their wedding planning at the same love, Same Rights Wedding Expo.  Robert Guarin said, "we've been to the typical wedding expo and it's nice, it's always bride-groom, the bride has all her separate places, but it's nice to see a wedding cake with two men on the top of it."

   Shelton's Courtyard By Marriott was the Expo's 25th stop -- it was its second event in Connecticut which is no surprise since Connecticut is only the second state allowing same-sex marriages...

Cindy sproul, one of the organizers said,  "It's an event where couples can come in together and not have any sort of awkwardness there."

   Vendors were screened to be gay-friendly -- and the way they look at it, Connecticut's new same-sex marriage law creates a new customer base -- basically encouragement to diversfy in a bad economy.

Carrie Draghi, a photographer said, "I love photographing events, I love photographing emotions, I love photographing intimate moments, and to be able to do that for the heterosexual community as well as same-sex couples is important for us."

Robert Guarino said,

"I think everyone's just going to be happy to just see us get married, we're all happy about the law of course changing."


   Besides the traditional wedding stuff, the expo also helps couples take the next-next step by including financial planners, life insurance companies, and sometimes realtors.

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