DEP and the Coast Guard are at the scene of the Oil Spill along the CT River. DEP responded to a Oil spill at Tri-Ram, which is a Oil Terminal, located at 171 Brownstone Ave. in Portland at 4:30 p.m.

An equipment malfunctioned on a 1200 gallon upright tank. The DEP said that the malfunction involved piping or pipe, which released home heating oil into the company's yard, which is a tank field.  500 to 1,000 gallons of home heating oil leaked into the terminal at first.

The clean up for the spill is expected to cost thousands of dollars and is more sufficient than DEP first thought. The amount has been increased over night to 5- 6 thousand gallons.  The DEP are investigating how the oil got into the river. The oil is sitting on top of the water. The DEP Crews are going to take a safety approach. The CT river is frozen and this makes it very dangerous due to the ice.

Crews will spend this morning trying to see if it is feasible of getting on the river. Ct tank was contracted to do the job. DEP cleared the scene at 1 a.m. And will return at 7 a.m. Today (friday) for more clean up. Last night, the crews were recovering free oil. Alot oil has been recovered already. The DEP will have will have estimate of the oil in the river later this morning.

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