Tuesday Hartford's mayor is expected to make a major announcement regarding executive pay, presumably, part of the shared pain he spoke of in his state of the city address.Mayor Eddie Perez gave a sobering speech monday night to a standing-room only crowd.

His plan for the coming year includes a proposal for a half-mill tax levy to raise money to help families at risk of losing their homes in foreclosure.Perez is also pushing some major initiatives stimulate jobs by accelerating the city's construction projects - with 175 million dollars over the next 90 days.And, he wants to invest in the arts with 1.7 million dollars in grants to help create 200 new arts jobs, new works, and enhanced facilities.

The mayor says his upcoming budget proposal will be the toughest he's ever had to work with and bare minimum."our services are going to be challenged, our budget is still a very difficult challenge to put together.It's going to require a lot of sacrifice but i think that sacrifice is going to be what makes our community stronger."

The mayor will present his budget to council in april. Stay tuned to fox 61 and fox 61.com throughout the day for the latest on the mayor's announcement.