Group 3 performed tonight!  I think this was the best group overall, but I'm not sure who will move forward.

Here's a rundown from the performances...

1) Von Smith - "YOU'RE ALL I NEED TO GET BY" by Marvin Gaye - I'm not sure how I feel about Von, and I'm not sure he's America's favorite.  He started out a little too low for his vocal range, but then his performance got much better toward the end.  Simon said that Von reminded him of Clay Atkin, which I'm not so sure is a good thing... I'll let you decide!

2) Taylor Vaifanua - "IF I AIN'T GOT YOU" by Alicia Keys - I like Taylor, and I think she can sing.  However, she just doesn't stand out to me.  I think she's a little forgettable.  Simon and Randy both agreed her performance was boring.

3) Alex Wagner-Trugman - "I GUESS THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT THE BLUES" by Elton John - If it wasn't for his "tiger growls" during the song, this performance would have been great!  I loved Alex anyway though!  He is so sincere, sweet, and funny!  I really hope he moves forward!  And if you missed it... Alex accidentally knocked over the mic stand, which was priceless.  I love this guy!   

4) Arianna Afsar - "THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL" by Abba - I loved this girl, until she sang this song.  I'm a huge Abba fan, and it's hard to compare to their songs.  I understand she tried to make her own version of the song; however, it just didn't work out in her favor.  She needed to quit changing ranges so many times throughout the song.  Her voice also cracked at the end, which didn't help.  The judges weren't too happy with the song choice either.   

5) Ju'Not Joyner - "HEY THERE DELILAH" by The Plain White Ts - This is the only song we've heard him sing throughout Hollywood week, so I wish Ju'Not had chosen a different song.  I love his voice, but he showed no range with this version of the song.  I got bored.     

6) Kristen McNamara - "GIVE ME ONE REASON" by Tracy Chapman - There's no denying that Kristen can sing, but this performance was very karaoke!  I was bored, and her voice cracked at the end.  I wish she had chosen a more contemporary song.  

7) Nathanial Marshall - "I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE" by Meatloaf - I love Nate, but this was not good!  The kid can sing, but this song was not for him.  However, I understand why he chose a song that he used to sing with his mom.  (In case you guys didn't know, Nate's mom was in prison while he was growing up.)

8) Felicia Barton - "NO ONE" by Alicia Keys - Felicia was good, but she got nervous in a few spots.  She definitely deserves to be there though, after being booted Hollywood week.  

9) Scott MacIntyre - "MANDOLIN RAIN" by Bruce Hornsby - I think Scott chose the perfect song for his voice.  He has so much passion when he sings, and I want to hear more from him.  What makes Scott even more phenomenal is the fact that he truly shines when he's playing the piano... and he's blind!

10) Kendell Beard - "THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS" by Martina McBride - This girl is adorable and so memorable!  She sounded pretty good, but she cracked on a few notes.  She was also flat in a few spots.  As an overall package, she's great.  She reminds me of Carrie Underwood and Julianne Hough.

11) Jorge Nunez - "DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME" by Elton John - I think Jorge is the best guy for sure in Group 3!  He sounded pretty good overall.  All the judges seemed to agree he had a great performance, which made Jorge cry.  Come on man!  Anyway, I think he'll make it into the Top 12.  

12)  Lil Rounds - "BE WITHOUT YOU" by Mary J. Blige - Why do they always save the best for last?  Lil is phenomenal!  She is one of the best!  I would definitely buy her album!  

This is who I think will move forward...

Female -

*    Lil Rounds

Male -

*    Scott MacIntyre
*    Jorge Nunez

Other possibilities -

*    Ju'Not Joyner
*    Kristen McNamara
*    Alex Wagner-Trugman (just because I love him)