We were walking back from talking to Sandy Koufax during the Travelers Championship Celebrity Pro-Am when all of a sudden a loud roar went out at the first tee. What happened? Did someone fail to amuse Joe Pesci? No, it turns out Lucas Glover took one in the kisser from a fellow PGA Tour pro.

The U.S. Open champion had been introduced, received his applause and was about to tee off when Johnson Wagner slipped behind Glover and _ bingo _ got him in the face with a shaving cream pie.

"He deserves it," Wagner said. "He won the U.S. Open."

It also makes some sense. Glover is a big Yankees fan and this year's king of pie-throwing is pitcher A.J. Burnett. Of course, Glover also is a huge Seinfeld fan and he should appreciate that we've done our best to recreate the crime a la the Kramer-Keith Hernandez spitting incident. We even have a Zapruder film thanks to our media co-conspirators Fox 61.

Explains Wagner's caddie, Steve Hale, who was in on the prank: "This started three-four weeks ago at Memorial. Johnson and I were talking about it. We were having a practice round and saying, 'Why doesn't it ever happen in golf? We're doing interviews all day Monday and Tuesday.' You see baseball players do it all the time. It would be perfect. We were having this conversation with Lucas. He goes, (imitating Glover's Southern accent), 'That's a great idea. That would be so funny.'"

Little did Glover know.

From Jeff Jacobs of the Courant.