As we head toward Easter Sunday there is reason to put all your eggs in one basket -- especially if you're running a gourmet candy company. Easter is among the biggest confectioner holidays of the year and things are particularly sweet for one Connecticut company, even in a recession. When the economy sours, what's the one thing to sweeten spirits? Sugar, and lots of it.

"It's all about the bunnies, its all about the bunnies," said Jim Florence, VP of Sales for Bolton based Munson's Chocolates. Chocolate bunnies have a way of multiplying at the 55-year old family owned company. "We've made over 60 thousand different rabbits for this Easter season from the small bunnies to the large 4 pound bunnies, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate," Florence added.

Only Christmas sales outdo Easter but, Bunnies aside, things are hopping at Munson's in every candy category; they say despite sour sales in other industries, they're up around 8 percent this year. Numbers are similar for so called "Big Chocolate", Hershey's was up 9 percent last year, Nestle's was up close to 11 percent. Its seems even a biting economy has a sweet tooth -- Florence said, "we all like to have that little glimmer of hope, that something that makes us feel good, and chocolate makes them feel good."