A Connecticut based organization is sending emergency relief halfway across the world, to victims of the deadly back-to back natural disasters in Asia and the Pacific.

AmeriCares is an emergency response organization in Stamford. Chrisoph Gorder, the Vice President of Emergency Response of AmeriCares says the group has their work cut out for them. "We're responding to the typhoons in the Philippines and Vietnam where water-borne diseases are going to be a big issue. "

The Stamford warehouse is busy shipping boxes filled with things like antibiotics, fever reducers, and personal hygiene items. AmeriCares also recently delivered $3.2 million dollars worth of other lifesaving medicines and supplies to the Philippines a few days ago. Vietnam received $1 million of medical aid and an additional shipment of $ 400,000 worth of aid is in the works.

Typhoon relief will be focused on preventing water borne diseases. For the earthquake in Indonesia, Gorder says the relief will be focused more on trauma and displaced people.

Although they are busy right now, Gorder says the effort is worth the result. "The feeling of connectedness and hope that it gives to have people know that people in Connecticut care about them, even though they'll never meet themÂ…gives great hope to those people."

AmeriCares is non-profit. They're assessing the situation in American Samoa to determine if relief will be sent there as well. All the medication is donated by pharmaceutical companies. The other relief is provided through private donations.

Here is the AmeriCares website for more information: http://www.americares.org/