NAPPANEE — It was the tee shot heard across Michiana. At the Bridgestone Invitation Golf Tournament this weekend in Akron, Ohio, Tiger Woods hit a man from Nappanee with a bad shot off the tee. Along with his bruise, that man brought back a story and a very special souvenir — an autographed glove.

It was a bad tee shot by one of the world's greatest. But it was a stroke of luck for Brady Klotz. Getting a signed glove and meeting his hero, Tiger Woods.

"Definitely one of the best moments of my life, that's for sure," Klotz said, "He started signing his glove while it was still on his hand, he then took it off, gave it to me, asked if I was all right."

Klotz was with two friends following Tiger from hole to hole at the tournament.  They were on the 6th hole when Woods smacked a shot right into Klotz's back.

"It hurt really bad, I actually still have a bruise from it, it was purple yesterday," Klotz said, "He told me he was really, really sorry and he didn't mean to hit it over here, but thanks for helping him out because I knocked it 25 yards back toward the fairway."

Klotz is no stranger to the golf course. He plays golf for Bethel College and holds the course record at his hometown course, 9 under par at McCormick Creek. And while his game is normally the talk of the course, on Monday, it was his brush with Woods.

"I saw it on ESPN this morning and it was hilarious," Bob Thorn, a golfer at McCormick Creek said.

"I'm just trying to enjoy this for as long as I can," Klotz said.

Klotz also just recently qualified for the US Amateur tournament. If he does well there, he could go on to the Masters.

As for the Glove, he plans to show it off then get it framed with a picture of him and Tiger shaking hands. Klotz says he will never sell the glove.