We are learning more about a well-known BMX star from South Bend seriously injured in a practice crash.

Brett Banasiewicz's mother confirmed Friday morning he is still in a medically-induced coma with bleeding on his brain.

She posted this to her Facebook page Friday morning:

"Neurosurgeon just left. Very, very positive news!!!! Recovery looks very promising! Brett will be in a sedative state for next few days. Brain needs to heal. Prayers are working. We are praying that he opens his eyes today & then we will rejoice & pray for another milestone. This is going to take time, but by the Grace of God, He has given us time. Every milestone, every day, EVERYTHING with Brett is now a Gift from God. Thank you Jesus for Prayers answered. We will rejoice for now Brett is healing!"

Banasiewicz fell eight feet and landed on his head yesterday while practicing for a competition in Virginia. He was wearing a helmet.

The 17-year-old's mother says he is still responsive -- kicking his feet and squeezing a friend's hand, as well as reacting to pain. And he appeared to recognize his father's voice.

His mother said that the pressure in his brain is "at a good point."

We talked with one of the Washington High School senior's mentors Friday morning.

"The recovery's going to be a while and biking might be on the backburner for some time,” said teacher and mentor Brian Ginzer.

Brett has given back to the community with a skate park on the west side called "The Kitchen".

He's a big time name in his sport. On his Facebook page Friday morning we found he has almost 32,000 fans.

We'll have the latest on his condition and hear from more of his friends tonight at 5.