All the Young Dudes


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We will get to the Dudes at the end of the column but first some local matters.

I read in the paper last week about a council meeting where the Potawatami Indians presented information on a proposed development southwest of South Bend that would include housing, some offices and businesses, a medical center and a casino. According the news report about 60 people attended and nearly everyone who spoke was opposed to the idea because of the casino. Now I am not a casino person, because I discovered many years ago numerous ways to throw away my money. But I have had my fill of people shooting down casino plans in the South Bend area because of their personal opposition.

We NEED development, we NEED new businesses and we really, really NEED more people spending their leisure money here and not elsewhere. Get over it, it is the way it is these days. Just approve it and let them build it.

And on similar matter, there was a letter to the editor today (10/1) decrying the “changes” in and around the five points area in South Bend, basically the expanding Eddy Commons development. The writer talked about the good old days when the area now under construction had so many fine establishments, mostly bars. Give me a break.  When all those bars where there, all you heard (except from students) was moaning and whining about everything from trash to late night noise to complaints about people peeing in the neighbor’s yards. I admit I really miss Archie’s/Lee’s Barbecue and wish a place could be found for decent BBQ on this side of town. But development in South Bend is sorely needed and there is no significant downside to what is happening at Five Points and beyond.  And to the letter writer might I also say, Studebaker isn’t coming back to South Bend either.

I saw the movie The Master, last week and I am surprised there is not a furor over it.

I think it is the best film I have seen this year but the message I took from it should have the religious right up in arms. The message is all about religion and cults and where they often mesh. No matter the message, the acting is just superb. Phillip Seymour Hirsch should win the Academy Award.

And now about those Young Dudes. Actually the young dude is an old dude. I hate even mentioning, “bucket list” but I have one and it is basically seeing and hearing the great rock and roll acts I have somehow missed over the years. I have pretty much gotten all I wanted to hear in their prime, from The Rolling Stones on their brief, first USA tour to 83 Bruce Springsteen shows. But the artist at the top of my list is (was) Ian Hunter.  It is a name that does not resonate with everyone but Ian is a rock giant, from his earliest days with Mott the Hoople to today. Let me put it this way, my wife knew hardly a thing about Ian Hunter’s music but she went with me Saturday night to a terrific new venue in Chicago, The City Winery, to see Ian and his Rant Band. She now wants me to get her a playlist together for her ipod.  

For the rest of you who love good rock and roll, go get Ian Hunter’s new CD, When I’m President (good idea).  Rock and Roll at its finest. 

See you around, dudes.





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