The York County Food Bank is feeling the effects of the tough economy as they function without some state and federal funding. As a result, even with Thanksgiving more than a month away, the organization is ready to send out thousands of mailing, asking for donations.

Mailings will be sent next week. In the past, about 8,000 appeal letters were mailed. However this year, as a result of the ailing economy, more than 40,000 letters will reach homes and businesses in York County.

"We still are receiving donations from the community, however the donations that are coming in are smaller amounts," said Jonathan Fisher, Executive Director York County Food Bank.

"One donor that may have been able to give us $50.00 is finding themselves in a hardship because of the economy so that donor may only be able to give us $25.00," said Fisher.

The Food Bank partners with approximately 125 distribution centers. It serves, on average, about 6,000 families a month and during the holidays that number grows even more.

"There are just many, many people today that are finding themselves in a position where they need to rely on the food bank pantry or the food banking system and they're finding themselves in line at these pantries waiting for this donated food that's being provided by the York County Food Bank," said Fisher.

In addition to monetary donations, the Food Bank is asking for Thanksgiving staples such as turkeys, stuffing, and canned goods. Those in charge told Fox 43, it's never too early to donate.