A group of York College nursing students is gearing up for Guatemala. They will spend their spring break providing medical care to people in remote villages outside of Guatemala City.

Professor Audra Johns, R.N., M.S.N., says "they don't have medical clinics or family practice physicians there, so they must travel long distances to get care."

For the past two years, senior nursing majors at York College have traveled to the latin american country. By Thursday, February 26th, the group of five students will be there, helping with everything from routine physicals to immunizations to cancer screenings.

Student Taryn Wolfe, of Airville, York County says, "I think it's only going to enhance what I've already learned, I am nervous but there's going to be lots of people around to help us."

Professor Johns says, "all the women that come to the ob-gyn clinic are able to get pap smears, if they're a maternity patient, then they're seen for that."

McKenna Gibson, a student from northern New Jersey says, "it's going to be really nice to use the medical skills I already have somewhere that they need it, an area where they don't always get the opportunity that we do to receive care."

The students are taking medical supplies like thermometers, rubber gloves and blood pressure cuffs with them. They also packed personal items like stuffed animals and candy.

Taryn Wolfe says, "we actually are supposed to bring something for our host families, so I brought them chocolate and a CD with some dance music, I was thinking maybe we could all listen to it."

They'll listen as they learn a new culture and possibly save a few lives. Volunteers from Living Word Community Church in Red Lion, as well as several local doctors will spend six days in the country and return March 3rd.