On the heels of a carjacking that left one man hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the back, York City leaders and community members hosted a rally to "Stand Up to Crime."

Thursday afternoon dozens of people filled the corner of West and West King Streets in York City. The corner sits one block from where Wednesday's carjacking took place. Fox 43 has learned Raymond Hernandez was most likely picking up his grandchildren from school when he was shot and his vehicle stolen.

Thursday the community banded together with one goal in mind: take back the streets. Many in attendance told Fox 43 local police cannot combat crime alone. They said it's time for people who live in the community to take action.

"We can't do nothing, sitting at home, complaining about it, sitting on the couch watching it on the news," said Theodore Miller. "The least we can do is come out and show our face. If it makes a change in one that's what it's about."

The group said one rally isn't enough to bring change. They said there needs to be a constant presence.

"The more we make our presence known and if we can get into areas where there's high crime and just get the people in that area not to be so afraid and just come outside, you've got to let your presence be known just a little bit at a time then it will start dropping that crime rate," said Rebecca Moore, York City resident.

The group plans to hold another meeting next week.