The ballots are in. However, the individual who will fill York City Council's third seat remains undecided. Unofficial results show incumbent Carol Hill-Evans has regained her seat and newcomer Joanne Borders has secured a seat as well. As for the third seat, it is too close to call.

Unofficial results show longtime city council member Toni Smith has 980 votes. Manuel Gomez has 682 votes and write-in candidates have a combined 1,092 votes. Fox 43 spoke with write-in candidate Michael Helfrich. According to his calculations, it looks like the race is between himself and Smith.

"We went out to the polls and counted all the write ins on the polling places and that came out to 986 from our count," said Helfrich. "It looks like Ms. Smith has about 980 and there are still 47 write-ins left uncounted. So, that's looking pretty good."

Election office employees will be sworn in to begin counting votes Monday November 21, 2011. The official results will be presented to the Board of Elections on November 28, 2011.

We spoke with Toni Smith over the phone. She said she would not give any comments until the votes are officially calculated.