To Simon Cowell and our Idol Experts' dismay it was country week on Idol.  Some Idol's showed off their rockin' country side, and some just fell flat.  Here are our experts to give you their thoughts on the night.

Country music is my least favorite kind of music, so I wasn't really looking forward to this week. Randy Travis looks like his face is's a little old is that guy?




He's actually about 50...he looks a bit old for his age, but it's Randy Travis, and how can you not love him?  I am not a country fan, but this guy has been on the scene almost my entire life...he is a country icon.  And when it came down to it, this guy knew who had the talent, and who was just....creepily odd (*cough cough* Lambert *cough cough*)



Before we get ahead of ourselves  Let's start at the top with Michael Sarver.  Michael Sarver is so lucky that this is country week -because that is the one thing that could guarantee him a spot in the top ten. He picked a VERY difficult song -not for the singing, but for the memorization and sheer about of words. He did a pretty good job, and he won the audience over -but I'm not sure if non country fans will like it.

Country should suit him well.  And it maybe did.  This may be his best performance so far...I, like Simon, am not a huge fan of country.  But I didn't hate this.  It certainly wasn't boring.  Not great though.  But dude, don't argue with Simon up there when he is giving feed back.  Just shut up and listen.  I hate when they talk back.



Allison Iraheta up next, and she injects her rocker girl side into everything -even this country song. I thought it was fun, and Allison could sing anything and be great. It still amazes me how comfortable she is on the stage singing these songs.



Allison is so talented...great singer and never fails to put on a good show.  Country doesn't really suit her style, but she did a great job with it.  I love this girl.