Man Sues Starbucks for Bathroom Camera

A Virginia man is suing Starbucks Coffee Co. for $1 million, after his 5-year-old daughter allegedly found a video camera in the bathroom of one Washington, D.C. cafe that was pointed at the toilet.
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Living with Crohn's Disease

Approximately 700,000 people live with Crohn's Disease.
This disease is a chronic auto-immune disorder in which your body's immune system begins attacking healthy cells in your G-I track, causing inflammation.
The symptoms often begin when patients are in their teens.
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How to Make Your Own Baby Food

Many mothers look for healthier options when feeding their little ones.
Now quick and easy recipes are available for mothers to make their own baby food.
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Fall Fashion: What's in Style this Season

Susquehanna Style stopped by to fill Fox 43 Morning News in on the fall must have looks for the working woman.
Experts saying that many fall fashions are inspired by styles in the 1960's.
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New Exhibit in Hershey

A sneak peek inside a new exhibit in Hershey, taking visitors through the life of Milton S. Hershey and his accomplishments.
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