Tech Report: iPhone Repair House Calls

Rich DeMuro introduces us to one company that is capitalizing on dropped iPhones by making house calls to repair them. Visit for more Tech Reports.


Living with Diabetes

Dr. Steve Edelman talks about the latest tips and technology that can make it easier to manage living with diabetes and prevent long-term complications like nerve damage, kidney disease and blindness. Visit for more.


Baby Bump Watch

Parenting blogger Beth Feldman talks pregnancy hot topics and offers advice for expecting parents and new moms and dads. Learn more at


Lolo Jones Talks Hurdling and Hurdles

World champion hurdler Lori "Lolo" Jones talks about her training for this year's Olympic Games. She also talks about the personal and physical hurdles she's had to jump through in her life. To learn more, visit


Summerland Tour Preview

Mark McGrath, lead singer of "Sugar Ray," and Art Alexakis, lead singer of "Everclear," talk about the upcoming inaugural Summerland Concert Series, featuring their bands and several others.


Furry Friends

Check out the wonderful animals up for adoption at the York County SPCA!