Daphne!  Stop that.  Jenn's husband was cut during Hollywood week, and she had to sing for survival against Kristen. Jenn did a little Dixie Chicks and Kristen went big with Whitney. Simon started a fight with Paula and Kara about the girls looks. He's such a jerk.  He wanted Jenn to stay because of her looks, but not her voice. Kristin was asked to stay in the end, but Simon was angry about it and let them know...Awkward


I have to agree with Simon on this one.  But not due to the girls' looks.  I think in the end I was more impressed by Jenn than I was with Kristen.  But perhaps I have that same problem with people singing Whitney songs as Simon does.  Don't get me wrong, I kind of like Kristen, but I thought Jenn was better.  But someone who I like better than both girls is Alexis Grace.  I wish we would have seen more of her in Hollywood week.  I like this girl.  I hope she does well.


Scott Macintyre definitely didn't let his blindness hold him back, and neither did the judges -he's going though. I agree with the judges though, he does way better when he has his piano to sing with.




To no one's surprise, Lil Rounds was placed into the top 36.  Here is my early prediction.  She is not my favorite, but I am saying she'll be in at least the Top 3.




The judges love this girl, I didn't have a doubt they'd put her though. She reminds me of the next Fantasia...without the weird mouth.  And the time has come for yet another sing off between Frankie Jordan and Jesse Langseth.  Frankie was way nervous, and you could really tell in her singing. Jesse came off a lot more comfortable and confident. Jesse is different, but I'm not sure if I like her as much as Frankie. Jesse was the one that made it though, but Simon was seriously harsh about it. Telling both of them they didn't have a chance at winning.


I am on board with you on this one Julie.  I was a bit of a Frankie fan.  And I was a bit shocked when she didn't make it, due to Idol replaying her story, and not saying anything about Jesse.  And I really don't recall seeing much of Jesse before this.  So next up we learned the fate of American Idol's resident BFFs Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers.  No big surprise, Danny Gokey was picked to be in the top 36.  He is another one who I predict in at least the top 3.


There was no way these judges weren't gonna take Danny with them today. He's got a great voice, great personality, I can't wait to see him again.  Then there was Jamar.  To everyone's surprise (especially Danny's) he did not make it.  I was really disappointed to see Jamar go. I liked this guy, he wasn't as good as Danny, but he was still pretty great.