This is it Idol fans! The top 36 have been chosen!  The Judges' mansion is the newest twist in this year's Idol season and I gotta least it's a more interesting background to look at over and over again.




It sure is Julie.  I want a big cushy chair to write this blog in!  Why is it that Paula can share her jewelry, but not her furniture?  Come on Paula!




Well, it looks like Artie has let us down, and decided to be a no show tonight, so let's get cracking Daphne!




Let's talk about the first person to make it through.  This guy had the entire day to chill because he was sent through first.  Who was it?  None other than our favorite American Idol geek, Anoop Desai.  I love this guy.  I liked him from his audition.  He's got a great voice, and well, let's just say I always had a thing for geeky guys (Example:  Clyde Collins).



I like this guy, Anoop.  He is definitely not something we've had before. I had a feeling he was different enough to make it through.  Von Smith was the next one to make it.  He was totally freaked could seem him breaking out in hives on his neck. He went way overboard his first day in Hollywood, but his last song he was able to rein himself in. Luckily the judges liked his improvement and kept him around.


 Next up we had the first "sing off" between Cody Sheldon and Alex Wagner-Trugman.  These two guys became friends during Hollywood week, and are now asked to SING TO THE DEATH.




What was that?





Say "SING TO THE DEATH" like you would say "PIGS IN SPACE".   It is far more effective and dramatic.  Trust me.




Ok, whatever.  Cody went first and I thought he did decent, didn't blow me away -better facial expressions. I think Alex had the stronger voice, but he looks weird when he sings. Alex ended up being the one put almost seemed cruel to make the two of them go through it.



I do think Alex was more deserving of the spot, but that would be really hard to go up against a friend in that situation.  I mean, I'd be way more motivated if I were asked to sing against Tatiana Del Torro then I would be if I was asked to sing against Anne Marie Boscovich.  But maybe that's just me.



Adam Lambert is a bit too theatrical, and a little whiney when he sings, but he does seem to have star quality. I'm not upset to see him on the show, but I don't think he can win. He did make the top 36 though.




Stevie Wright was my first favorite of the show, but we haven't heard a peep from her since her audition in Phoenix.  But obviously she has been kicking a little butt, and has been placed into the top 36.  This makes me happy.




Joanna Pacitti has had a tough time remembering words, and also has had a history in the music biz already. But the Idol judges took pity on her, and thought her talent was strong enough to keep her in.  Top 36 for her!




Ah!  But Julie we have had a development in this story.  Joanna Pacitti has been determined ineligible and has been booted from the top 36.  In her place is Felicia Barton.  No reason for Pacitti's disqualification has been released by Fox, but the word on the street is that Joanna apparently has "connections" to not one, but two executives at American Idol's 19 Entertainment production company.


Well, on that bombshell let's move on to the next sing off between Jenn Korbee and Kristen McNamara. 









Daphne!  Stop that.  Jenn's husband was cut during Hollywood week, and she had to sing for survival against Kristen. Jenn did a little Dixie Chicks and Kristen went big with Whitney. Simon started a fight with Paula and Kara about the girls looks. He's such a jerk.  He wanted Jenn to stay because of her looks, but not her voice. Kristin was asked to stay in the end, but Simon was angry about it and let them know...Awkward


I have to agree with Simon on this one.  But not due to the girls' looks.  I think in the end I was more impressed by Jenn than I was with Kristen.  But perhaps I have that same problem with people singing Whitney songs as Simon does.  Don't get me wrong, I kind of like Kristen, but I thought Jenn was better.  But someone who I like better than both girls is Alexis Grace.  I wish we would have seen more of her in Hollywood week.  I like this girl.  I hope she does well.


Scott Macintyre definitely didn't let his blindness hold him back, and neither did the judges -he's going though. I agree with the judges though, he does way better when he has his piano to sing with.




To no one's surprise, Lil Rounds was placed into the top 36.  Here is my early prediction.  She is not my favorite, but I am saying she'll be in at least the Top 3.




The judges love this girl, I didn't have a doubt they'd put her though. She reminds me of the next Fantasia...without the weird mouth.  And the time has come for yet another sing off between Frankie Jordan and Jesse Langseth.  Frankie was way nervous, and you could really tell in her singing. Jesse came off a lot more comfortable and confident. Jesse is different, but I'm not sure if I like her as much as Frankie. Jesse was the one that made it though, but Simon was seriously harsh about it. Telling both of them they didn't have a chance at winning.


I am on board with you on this one Julie.  I was a bit of a Frankie fan.  And I was a bit shocked when she didn't make it, due to Idol replaying her story, and not saying anything about Jesse.  And I really don't recall seeing much of Jesse before this.  So next up we learned the fate of American Idol's resident BFFs Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers.  No big surprise, Danny Gokey was picked to be in the top 36.  He is another one who I predict in at least the top 3.


There was no way these judges weren't gonna take Danny with them today. He's got a great voice, great personality, I can't wait to see him again.  Then there was Jamar.  To everyone's surprise (especially Danny's) he did not make it.  I was really disappointed to see Jamar go. I liked this guy, he wasn't as good as Danny, but he was still pretty great.



No surprise at all to anyone who watched the previews for the show.  Danny standing there with this look of horror saying "Are you kidding me" only meant one thing:  Best Friend Forever Jamar was out.  I do think Jamar has great talent.  And I do think he should take the advice of the judges and come back next season for another go.  But I also found him to be a bit boring.  I am so done with the boring contestants.


I guess that is why you call yourself a fan of Nick Mitchell, we know him as Norman Gentle (and so do the judges).  Wow wow wow, I can't believe that they're putting him though...and they want Norman not Nick! This is crazy! They do realize that Norman making the top 36 means that next season will have all the nuts coming out thinking they really can make it.



Ah, see Norman is a bit different than all those other nutcases.  He can be serious when he wants to be, as we saw last night.  I am very glad to see him make it through.  I really was not expecting it.  I don't see him making top 12 now either, but I may be surprised again.  All I know is that I am a Norman Gentle fan to the end of his Idol experience.  He keeps me entertained, and lately I need him to get me through an episode of Idol.  I think he has got more talent than anyone wants to give him credit for, and apparently Paula, Kara, and Randy are the only people I know of on my side with this guy.  I don't care how many people hate him.  I think that Norman Gentle is miles ahead of David Cook and Taylor Hicks combined.


Well, Daphne, you may just be crazy. 





Sorry Julie, but I am not Tatiana Del Torro.





Ah yes, the one person I was expecting to see go home, and instead, the judges put her through!  This girl is just plain crazy. I can't believe she made it!! She's scary -and her laugh is starting to sound possessed!!




Indeed.  I am predicting that she will either be the first person voted off, or has already made her their poster child.  The best part about it all, when she walked into the room to tell everyone that she had made it, they cut to a shot of AI's favorite drama queen, Nathaniel Marshall (who is crazy himself), and he made this look that clearly said "Holy crap, the CRAZY chick made it through?!?!?!"  Absolutely hilarious.


Oh Nathanial Marshall, after his surprise passed from Tatiana's win, he had to face off against Jackie Midkiff.  Going into this I thought I liked Jackie better, but I didn't like his song choice and then they had to do a sad little back story on Nathanial and made me feel bad for him.  He did do a better job singing. Nathanial ended up being the one going through to the top 36...if he wants votes he really needs to stop crying and hold it together.


I also liked Jackie better and so did Kara.  As for Nathaniel, I make a fourth prediction now, this kid is not going far.  I think his only votes will come from Danny Noriega.  Now onto my (and Artie's) favorite contestant.  Anne Marie Boscovich.  To our delight, she is going to be competeing for a spot in the top 12.  I am calling her this season's Brooke White.  She is clearly the girl with the most raw talent, and the best voice.  But I am not so sure she has the confidence to carry her beyond the top 5.


And the time had come that there were only two contestants remaining.  The two tough guys, Michael Sarver and Matt Breitzke.  Matt went first, and you could tell Simon wasn't thrilled with his performance/song choice. Michael did waaaay better in his singing. I like him better anyways. But look, another Idol surprise, both Michael and Matt made it.



Another surprise that Idol didn't fool me on.  Mainly because I was keeping count as we went and knew we needed two more for the top 36, but also due to the preview that said "You won't believe what happens next!"  Oh well, that obviously means they are both going through!  Idol has become far too predictable lately.  But as for the talent, Michael is clearly the better singer of the two.  He also seems far more likable.  I think Matt is just in this for the fame and money.  Just a thought that was largely fueled by the segment of him basically saying "I just want the money."  Interesting, eh?


Well, there you have it Idol fans, your top 36!  Hope your favorites made it!  Tune in next week, when the first group of 12 compete for your votes.  Make sure to support your favorite contestant!




Don't let us down with your choices America!  Vote well, vote often, and vote smart.  Until then Chatterheads!




Top 36:  Adam Lambert, Alexander Wagner-Trugman, Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Anne Marie Boskovich, Anoop Desai, Arianna Asfar, Brent Keith, Casey Carlson, Danny Gokey, Felicia Barton, Jackie Tohn, Jasmine Murray, Jeanine Vailes, Jesse Langseth, Jorge Nunez, Ju'Not Joyner, Kai Kalama, Kendall Beard, Kris Allen, Kristen McNamara, Lil Rounds, Matt Breitzke, Matt Girad, Megan Corkrey, Michael Sarver, Mishavonna Henson, Nathaniel Marshall, Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle), Ricky Braddy, Scott MacIntyre, Stephen Fowler, Stevie Wright, Tatiana Del Torro, Taylor Vaifanua, and Von Smith

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