Top 13 Battle It Out With the King of Pop

March 11, 2009


It looks as though Dancer X and Artie have a problem with the number 13, so they won't be joining us tonight.  So you are stuck with just myself and Daphne.




Well, lets get started Jules.  I want to first mention, what is up with the crew on this show this year?  The very first shot of Seacrest was ruined by the camera guy zooming into his chest and not his face.  And Simon needs to stop changing the show around.  Just because Nigel left doesn't mean you can ruin it Simon.  That introduction of the judges and Ryan was just really strange for me.



On top of all that, they announce that to make up for the extra person this year, two contestants will be getting the boot tomorrow night as opposed to one.  I like a lot of the changes they've made this year -but I wonder if it's throwing people off...oh well let's get started.  The top 13 took on the works of Michael Jackson -and that's one big silver glove to fill.



I think MJ is a great way to start out this season...this will prove who deserves to stay and who deserves to go home!  Who has talent and who is Adam Lambert....whoops, I meant "and who isn't".




Lil Rounds is up first singing Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel". She really knocked that song off its feet. It was awesome, and she set the bar high for everybody following her.



"The Way You Make Me Feel", I have to admit this is one of my favorite MJ songs to sing in my car.  But I have a feeling Lil rocked it far better than I ever could.  It wasn't the most fantastic performance ever, but it was a pretty darn good way to kick off the night.  She did great.  I love Lil.



Scott MacIntyre looks so much more comfortable behind a piano. I personally liked the song for him -I think it worked giving a hopeful message. His performance didn't blow me away, but it was really nice.



I am so bored by this guy.  He is great for easy listening stations...but that isn't my cup of tea.  He has talent, and I like him way better playing the piano.  But I just don't think I can sit through an entire season of this.  I am bored.  I want to hear this guy do something more upbeat and fun...less soft rock.



Danny Gokey really knows how to put on a show! He got the judges on their feet and the crowd singing! His energy was high, and singing was great! He's really living up to the hype!



I needed a wake up after Scott!  PYT?  Really?  I just didn't see Gokey doing this one.  But I was totally digging it.  This guy can sing, he can work a crowd, and he was having fun.  Great performance!  I still don't want to hop on this Bandwagon, but I don't fault anyone who has.  I'll take this guy over Lambert any day!



Michael Sarver did much better than I expected him to do. I think a more emotional song worked well for this roughneck. He's obviously not the best singer, but I agree with Simon on the passion and heart winning people over.



Oh my....I have to disagree Julie.  He was not so great.  Another one that was slightly boring, and he had a few rough patches in the song.  Plus he made some odd faces at times.  He wasn't horrible.  He just wasn't really as good (technically) as the first three...plus he was almost as boring as MacIntyre.  I did not really enjoy that one.
Speaking of boring, word on the street is that Jasmine Murray is a flat out boring person.  So any impressions you got of that before, it was apparently true.  Tonight she was not as entertaining as Lil or Gokey...but not quite as boring as MacIntyre or Sarver.  Jasmine did a pretty decent job with that.  She hit a few bad notes.  But otherwise, decent.

I love her smile, it's so sweet and sincere. I think she sounds the most like Michael Jackson of everyone voice wise. She did a pretty decent job with a difficult song.




Kris Allen hit the stage next with "Remember the Time".  Okay...this guy would be great at doing music like All American Rejects, or We the Kings.  He hit some bad notes and his voice cracked a little, but it didn't really bother me here, because this was more about fun than perfection.  I like Kris, and not just because he is super cute!  He seems like he is lots of fun!  I liked this performance.

Kris Allen grew a personality when he's got his guitar with him! And I do have to admit he is the cutest guy in the competition. There were some rough spots in the performance, but he got the crowd going.




Allison Iraheta really reminds me of Pink!  She sounded so much like her especially at the beginning of the song.  It was weird.  I like this girl!  She is so talented...especially for a 16 year old.  She knows how to work the stage.  It is really a shame that she is awkward and a little weird when you talk to her.


Allison Iraheta made that song hers, and I loved it! There are a few people this season that are ready to just go on the road and tour -and she's one of them! She just needs to learn to shut her mouth and smile when the judges are talking.



Glad to see Annop isn't last in the show tonight and he gets proper screen time!  He's taking on Beat It.   That is a lot of guts, dude.  There are only two songs by Michael Jackson that would be more untouchable than this one, and that is Thriller and Billie Jean.  So he is doing a somewhat decent job with it.  He had a few rough notes.  But I think that (like Kris) in this situation it is okay.  When you take on a song like Jasmine did, you can't hit bad notes.  But with this song, you gotta have fun and not worry about the notes.  As for the criticism, he didn't hit it as hard as he could have.  I wish it would have been a little bit more force to it.  Not his best, but I still love this guy.

Anoop singing "Beat It" may not have been the best choice. There are very very few people that could have gotten away with singing that song...and I'm not sure he did. It wasn't the best vocal either, there were some tough areas -but he's still just so darn likable.

 Jorge Nunez is another likable guy, but Jorge Nunez he almost totally lost his accent singing this song -I'm not sure how I feel about that. He's not himself without his accent. He does have a great voice and control of it -again the song may not have been the best choice though.

This guy has already got some big name stars on his side.  Apparently Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony love this guy!  I can understand why.  He is a fantastic singer.  I think this is my favorite performance by him so far.  It wasn't as boring as he usually is.  Maybe I am the opposite of the judges and want less emotion from him and more energy, more fun.



You really can't help but smile when Megan Corkrey is singing and doing her funny little dance. As weird and unexpected as this song choice was, I think it was perfect for her. I really hope she sticks around to show what she can really do.


This girl is so retro.  That is a good thing.  She is so different.  I like that about her.  And she is lots of fun!  Good night for her...except for the dancing.  She has some weird moves.  I think this was possibly the best song choice of the night, despite what Simon had to say.  This song was just quirky enough for that Quirky Corkrey.  Haha, I love that Simon tossed things to Gordon Ramsey, in hopes that his fellow Brit "meanie" would agree with him.  But the thing about Gordon Ramsey is he is a nice, polite guy and won't say anything bad about someone's singing...someone's cooking on the other hand...I love Gordon Ramsey!


I think out of everyone's style Adam Lambert fits best with Michael Jackson. He seemed very comfortable singing this song -and it was a big song to sing. It was also probably the most original version of the song. Ya know I'm not a fan of Adam, but he's starting to win me over.


My thought pattern during Lambert's performance:  Ugh...Black and White.  Pick a better song loser.  Woah...wait a second.  I am supposed to hate this guy.  But this isn't too bad.  He has a really nice tone going on...nice voice.  Oh wait.  There is the horrible screeching he likes to do.  Oh dear lord!  Find something sharp and stab yourself in the ear!  Can't listen anymore! So he started out nice...then he started to scream, and that just ruined everything!  Gokey was like a million times better...and he didn't get the reaction Lambert did.  I can't wait until they kick Paula out.  Her crying and drooling over him was just ridiculous.  I think David Cook ruined this show, because now the judges think horrible people are good.  BOOOOOOO!


Are you capable of getting though a chat without mentioning your hate for David Cook?? Seriously -he won, get over it! On to the next guy...Matt Giraud is a good singer, but I'm not sure if he's going to stand out in this competition. He had that whole JT thing going on again, and I like him at his piano -but we have too many people this year that just blow you away.



This guy really bounced back from the Coldplay fiasco.  And I could see the Justin Timberlake comparison even more tonight than ever.  He did a great job, and if he keeps this up he might become one of my personal favorites.  Matt, stay away from Coldplay and you'll be totally kosher, dude.
 And here comes the last singer of the night; Alexis got the lucky number 13!  I sure hope people were actually paying attention to her number, so she isn't cheated on the votes...and calling the wrong number could be rather disastrous for all parents who had young children calling to vote..  When the judges told this girl to dirty things up she listened.  I think Dirty Diana is on of MJ grittiest songs...and this girl rocked it.  I liked her performance.  It was rather entertaining.

Wow I was not expecting that from Alexis! That was hot! There were a few over the top parts, but I really liked it.





It's hard to pick out the bottom one on a night like this but...  Those in danger are Jasmine Murray, Matt Giraud, Scott MacIntyre, Jorge Nunez, Anoop Desai.
Who's going home...Matt Giraud and Jorge Nunez.
The best of the night...Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta, and Adam Lambert



My least favorite of the night was Lambert...he started the song really good, and then he ruined it!  But I have a feeling I am going to be in the minority on this one.  This was a tough night.  I am positive when I say that Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Alllison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Scott MacIntyre, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, and Alexis Grace are all safe. So that leaves Sarver, Jasmine, Anoop, Megan Corkrey, and Jorge for the bottom Spots.  I think that it will be Anoop and Jorge to go home, even though I think both deserve another shot.  I'd much prefer Jasmine and Sarver to go home.  As for this "twist" Simon and Ryan are talking about, I am going to guess judges got some sort of veto power now.  That is purely a guess I could be very wrong, but I think it makes sense.  Seacrest said it will change "the entire theme and concept of the show."  So we'll see what happens.  Tune in tonight to see what happens, Chatterheads!