Oh my....I have to disagree Julie.  He was not so great.  Another one that was slightly boring, and he had a few rough patches in the song.  Plus he made some odd faces at times.  He wasn't horrible.  He just wasn't really as good (technically) as the first three...plus he was almost as boring as MacIntyre.  I did not really enjoy that one.
Speaking of boring, word on the street is that Jasmine Murray is a flat out boring person.  So any impressions you got of that before, it was apparently true.  Tonight she was not as entertaining as Lil or Gokey...but not quite as boring as MacIntyre or Sarver.  Jasmine did a pretty decent job with that.  She hit a few bad notes.  But otherwise, decent.

I love her smile, it's so sweet and sincere. I think she sounds the most like Michael Jackson of everyone voice wise. She did a pretty decent job with a difficult song.




Kris Allen hit the stage next with "Remember the Time".  Okay...this guy would be great at doing music like All American Rejects, or We the Kings.  He hit some bad notes and his voice cracked a little, but it didn't really bother me here, because this was more about fun than perfection.  I like Kris, and not just because he is super cute!  He seems like he is lots of fun!  I liked this performance.

Kris Allen grew a personality when he's got his guitar with him! And I do have to admit he is the cutest guy in the competition. There were some rough spots in the performance, but he got the crowd going.




Allison Iraheta really reminds me of Pink!  She sounded so much like her especially at the beginning of the song.  It was weird.  I like this girl!  She is so talented...especially for a 16 year old.  She knows how to work the stage.  It is really a shame that she is awkward and a little weird when you talk to her.


Allison Iraheta made that song hers, and I loved it! There are a few people this season that are ready to just go on the road and tour -and she's one of them! She just needs to learn to shut her mouth and smile when the judges are talking.



Glad to see Annop isn't last in the show tonight and he gets proper screen time!  He's taking on Beat It.   That is a lot of guts, dude.  There are only two songs by Michael Jackson that would be more untouchable than this one, and that is Thriller and Billie Jean.  So he is doing a somewhat decent job with it.  He had a few rough notes.  But I think that (like Kris) in this situation it is okay.  When you take on a song like Jasmine did, you can't hit bad notes.  But with this song, you gotta have fun and not worry about the notes.  As for the criticism, he didn't hit it as hard as he could have.  I wish it would have been a little bit more force to it.  Not his best, but I still love this guy.