"The Way You Make Me Feel", I have to admit this is one of my favorite MJ songs to sing in my car.  But I have a feeling Lil rocked it far better than I ever could.  It wasn't the most fantastic performance ever, but it was a pretty darn good way to kick off the night.  She did great.  I love Lil.



Scott MacIntyre looks so much more comfortable behind a piano. I personally liked the song for him -I think it worked giving a hopeful message. His performance didn't blow me away, but it was really nice.



I am so bored by this guy.  He is great for easy listening stations...but that isn't my cup of tea.  He has talent, and I like him way better playing the piano.  But I just don't think I can sit through an entire season of this.  I am bored.  I want to hear this guy do something more upbeat and fun...less soft rock.



Danny Gokey really knows how to put on a show! He got the judges on their feet and the crowd singing! His energy was high, and singing was great! He's really living up to the hype!



I needed a wake up after Scott!  PYT?  Really?  I just didn't see Gokey doing this one.  But I was totally digging it.  This guy can sing, he can work a crowd, and he was having fun.  Great performance!  I still don't want to hop on this Bandwagon, but I don't fault anyone who has.  I'll take this guy over Lambert any day!



Michael Sarver did much better than I expected him to do. I think a more emotional song worked well for this roughneck. He's obviously not the best singer, but I agree with Simon on the passion and heart winning people over.